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Plasma Android Live Wallpaper

Posted in Uncategorized by code44free on Май 26, 2017

I’m glad to present to you my new live wallpaper for Android devices — Plasma Live Wallpaper.

Beautiful live wallpaper with meditative plasma flow effect. Adjust cell size and speed as you prefer. Choose your favorite color. Fully supports portrait and landscape orientations. Automatic color change by the timer. Plasma movement effect on swipe between screens. Can be enabled/disabled and configured in wallpaper settings.

Update 0:
— Added option of automatic color change by the timer. Configurable in settings.
— Improved color chooser dialog. Now you can choose color from presets palette and tune it for your taste.

Update 1:
— Added Plasma movement effect on swipe between screens. Can be enabled/disabled and configured in wallpaper settings.

Get Pro version from Google Play:

Try Free version with Ads:

To find more my live wallpapers please visit:

Android Flying Cubes Live Wallpaper

Posted in android, java, libgdx by code44free on Сентябрь 25, 2016

Here is my new Android Live Wallpaper based on LibGDX framework.
With hight resolution textures it applicable to all kind of smartphones or tablets. If you fan of minimalistic geometry style wallpapers this is the app what you are looking for.

This is link on Google Play for free version with ads:

And link for full version without ads:

Ubuntu 16.04 fix for «touchpad doesn’t work after suspend» problem

Posted in Uncategorized by code44free on Август 18, 2016

In my fujitsu laptop, on freshly installed Ubuntu 16.04LTS, after suspend, touchpad stopped to work. As i found by googling, this is a common problem. In my situation to fix this issue, i’m created file /etc/systemd/system/fix_touchpad.service with the following content:

Description=Re-run psmouse

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c ' modprobe -r -f psmouse && modprobe psmouse '


and register it with the command:

$ sudo systemctl enable fix_touchpad.service

Old trick with pm-utils and script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ folder doesn’t work for me

Use Eclipse and git without pain

Posted in Eclipse, Git, programming by code44free on Октябрь 27, 2014

Notes for using Git repository with Eclipse IDE.

1. Register account on Main advantages: the ability to create unlimited number private repositories for free. Plus simple and intuitive web-interface.


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Использование Eclipse и EGit

Posted in Eclipse, Git, Uncategorized by code44free on Октябрь 27, 2014

Памятка по настройке проекта на использование git репозитория в Eclipse.

1. Регистрируем аккаунт на
Главное преимущество: возможность создавать приватные репозитории бесплатно. Плюс простой и интуитивно понятный веб-интерфейс.


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Create a shopping list by selecting the food you want to cook

Posted in android, java, programming by code44free on Май 22, 2014

Создайте список покупок выбрав блюда которые вы хотите приготовить

Posted in android, java, programming by code44free on Май 22, 2014

Виртуализация Proxmox + Ceph

Posted in ceph, linux, proxmox by code44free on Март 22, 2014

Вариант решения отказоустойчивой инфрастурктуры виртуализации, с возможностью географического разнесения между 2 или более датацентрами.
Виртуализация на основе KVM с использованием пакета Proxmox, разделяемое хранилище для хранения образов виртуальных машин на базе Ceph. Сетевая доступность с помощью OSPF.

Что получаем:

— Простое управление через Web-интерфейс Proxmox;
— Мониторинг нагрузки в реальном времени;
— Подключение к консоли гостевых систем из интерфейса управления;
— Возможность «живой миграции» (Live Migration) виртуальных машин, без перерыва в предоставлении сервиса;
— Объединение серверов в кластер и обеспечение высокой доступности за счет автоматической миграции виртуальных машин с вышедшей из строя ноды на работающие;
— Встроенное автоматическое резервное копирование виртуальных машин;


Ubuntu 12.04 tips & tricks

Posted in linux by code44free on Январь 3, 2014

How to disable screen blanking while mplayer is running
Mplayer freezes and stopping while play movie
Disable external monitor turn off when notebook lid is closed
Set HDMI sound output automatically on cable plugin/out


Ubuntu 12.04 EnchanceIO SSD caching + perfomance tips

Posted in linux by code44free on Декабрь 30, 2013

For better linux system performance:

1. Putting to ram /tmp filesystem and .cache forlder from user /home
2. Make separate root partiotion (/), separate home partition (/home) and enable for it EnchanceIO SSD caching. Make also separate partition for /var, for excluding it from caching.