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Star Chart Live wallpaper for Android tablet

Posted in android, java, programming by code44free on Июль 17, 2013
Astro52 Live Wallpaper

Astro52 Live Wallpaper

«Live» wallpaper for your tablet with a map of the sky.

The map shows the northern and southern hemisphere in the conformal projection.

By monitoring the current time on the tablet, the card is moving from right to left showing the constellations in accordance with the rotation of the earth and the visible portion of the sky at that time.

Implemented simulation of sunrise and sunset. From 0-00 to 12-00, the star chart gets lighter every hour, from 12-00 to 24-00 each hour dark.

It have a simple animation of 52 major constellations. Images created by a professional artist. Some of the images based on the work «Uranographia» Jan Hevelius, the other part of the original work of the artist.

The map shows 18 navigational stars. The number of the stars are used depending on the purposes varies widely, from 8 to nearly 300 in guidance systems of ballistic missiles. In the map marked 18.

The names of constellations and the stars been translated into 15 languages.

Get program from the SamsungApp — Astro52


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