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In High Mountains Android Live Wallpaper

Posted in android, java, libgdx by code44free on Май 29, 2017

My new Live Wallpaper. Picturesque High Mountains view with amazing 3D depth created by popular parallax effect.

If you like mountain hiking and adventures, camping with bonfire. If you excited about walking from village to village, discover the amazing cultural diversity of our planet by meeting local people and becoming friends with them. Far beyond roads, each day brings new faces, new vistas and ways of exploring untouched areas and wild places. High Mountains Live Wallpaper is what you are looking for.

— Popular Parallax effect gives amazing 3D depth
— Day/Night change animation
— Colorfull milkyway starry night
— Clouds and Bonfire animations
— Battery friendly
— Customizable with various of settings

Please note: If you device have a gyroscope, parallax effect will be visible on device rotation. In other way you will see parallax sliding the home screen.

Get full version on Google play (0.99 USD):

Try Free version with Ads:

To find other my live wallpapers please visit:


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