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Mesh Android Live Wallpaper

Posted in android, java, libgdx by code44free on Июнь 2, 2017

Mesh is the attractive Live Wallpaper with colored randomized triangular mesh. Look it in action!

Mesh Live Wallpaper brings colored triangular grid on your phone screen.
Randomized triangle patterns create unique mesh that are never repeated.
Automatic color and mesh pattern update gives fresh look for your home screen every time you come back.
Device rotation or touch interaction (on devices without gyroscope) gives cool light and grid move animation.
Quick access to wallpaper preferences with Mesh PRO Settings App.

Main features:
— Randomized mesh and configurable triangles size.
— Automatic mesh change with a given period of time.
— Colored with a single color or gradient.
— Periodic color or gradient change.
— Mesh outlines.
— Light and mesh move on swipe screen events or device rotation if it has gyroscope.
— Quick preferences access from settings App.

Get PRO version on Google play (0.99 USD):

Try it Free:

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Android Flying Cubes Live Wallpaper

Posted in android, java, libgdx by code44free on Сентябрь 25, 2016

Here is my new Android Live Wallpaper based on LibGDX framework.
With hight resolution textures it applicable to all kind of smartphones or tablets. If you fan of minimalistic geometry style wallpapers this is the app what you are looking for.

This is link on Google Play for free version with ads:

And link for full version without ads:

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Сайт для продвижения Android приложений

Posted in android, html by code44free on Ноябрь 19, 2013

Для продвижения Android приложений решил запустить специальный сайт. Встречайте — - Android apps

В «движке» сайта применено несколько решений, которые возможно покажутся интересными. Подробности ниже.

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Star Chart Live wallpaper for Android tablet

Posted in android, java, programming by code44free on Июль 17, 2013
Astro52 Live Wallpaper

Astro52 Live Wallpaper

«Live» wallpaper for your tablet with a map of the sky.

The map shows the northern and southern hemisphere in the conformal projection.

By monitoring the current time on the tablet, the card is moving from right to left showing the constellations in accordance with the rotation of the earth and the visible portion of the sky at that time.